About Feature Film School

Feature Film School is the only acting program to offer you an ‘into the  industry’ course with direct experience working with award-winning  talent and a guaranteed starring role in a feature film.

Every aspect of the FFS program is identical to the format used by film studios and filmmakers when in production of a project. Students of Feature Film School are not treated as students, instead they are treated as industry professionals on a working set. The workshops mimic each step of the film production process from screen writing and script development to blocking and rehearsals with the actors to pre-production and production with the cinematographers and film crews.

Feature Film School covers all aspects of the film industry and focuses primarily on screen writing, acting and film production. Each course is now run intensively two evenings a week for six months.

How it Works


Stage 1

Application & Selection


Stage 2

Training Workshops


Stage 3

Shoot the Movie

What do Students Finish With?

Actors who complete the FFS program receive:

  • An acting reel comprising of several of their scenes graded and sound
  • A starring role in a feature length movie
  • IMDB Credits as professional working actors
  • An FFS Accreditation (Including a personal review and
    recommendation from the producer)

More Info

Due to its design, the program is limited to a maximum of  10 students per term.

For further information on the course please e-mail, info@featurefilmschool.ie or call 01-564-0966

Limited Spaces Available